Valuation Services

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Thinking more seriously about selling?

Book a face-to-face property valuation. An in-person visit gives us a much better feel for the property and its setting, so we can make a really accurate valuation. Drop us a few details and we’ll get an appointment sorted.

Market Valuations

Determining the most probable selling or rental price of your property in the current market, applicable to both residential and commercial properties.

Valuations for Probate

Providing accurate valuations for assets, including property, to satisfy legal requirements during estate settlement.

Land & Farm VAluations

Specialising in the valuation of agricultural land and associated assets, considering factors unique to the rural environment.


Offering impartial and professional valuations when transferring property within a family, ensuring fair and transparent transactions for both residential and commercial properties.

Fair Deal Scheme Valuations

Supporting clients navigating the Fair Deal Scheme by providing valuations for nursing home care contributions.

Compulsory Purchase Order Valuations

Assisting clients in obtaining fair compensation for their property if it is being acquired by a public authority under a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO), ensuring they receive an accurate assessment of its market value.